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From Talking Heads to Thinking Heads:
A Research Platform for Human Communication Science

The Thinking Head Project

The Thinking Head Project, funded by a $3.4M Australian Research Council/National Health & Medical Research Council Special Initiative Thinking Systems grant for 2006-2011, consists of a 15-person research team made up of computer scientists, engineers, language technologists, cognitive scientists, and performance artists. The project is centred at MARCS Auditory Laboratories at the University of Western Sydney, and Macquarie University, Flinders University, University of Canberra, Carnegie Mellon University, the Technical University of Denmark, and Berlin University of Technology. The project draws on the expertise, resources and methodological approaches of researchers in HCSNet, the Australian Research Council Network in Human Communication Science.

Postdoctoral Research Position

A two-year postdoctoral position at Macquarie University's Centre for Language Technology will focus on spoken language utterance interpretation aspects of the head. We seek someone who has experience either in the automatic interpretation of spoken natural language utterances, or in the development of sophisticated dialog systems more generally. The successful candidate will (a) contribute to the development of the general framework and the design, implementation and integration of various parts of the project, and (b) focus on specific aspects of dialog management and utterance interpretation as appropriate to their particular skills. The appointee will be supervised by Professor Robert Dale, and will work closely with the interdisciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists and psychologists spread across the project sites.

See the University's employment web site for further administrative details regarding the position; search for position number 20860. For more information on technical aspects, email Professor Robert Dale at

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