Preposition and Determiner Error Correction

The HOO (Helping Our Own) Exercise (see [Dale and Kilgarriff 2010]) is concerned with correcting textual errors. The HOO Pilot Shared Task (see [Dale and Kilgarriff 2011]) looked at a diverse range of error types in a small set of documents. HOO 2012, which will be hosted by the Building Educational Applications Workshop at NAACL 2012, focusses on the correction of preposition and determiner errors in a large collection of non-native speaker texts.

Find out more by exploring this site. To register for the HOO 2012 Shared Task, send the following information to info@correcttext.org:

On registering, you will be added to the the HOO 2012 Google Group, intended for discussions amongst participants about the HOO 2012 Shared Task. When you register, please indicate the names and email addresses of any other team members who should be added to that discussion list.


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